What you haven’t been told about life!

This isn’t one of my usual posts, this is just a desperate attempt to understand what life is all about.
As I grow up I started to doubt everything I have been told when I was younger, regarding any topic in life whether it’s about religion, science, cultural traditions.. Absolutely anything!
I know I’m a small creature in comparison to the vast,huge,enormous universe but this small creature has been ( cursed/ blessed) with this super analytic brain.

Day by day, I notice how much I’ve changed, for instance I became a totally different person, I, myself is surprised of what I’ve become, my analysing and understanding of the coexistence of humans and other creatures have become a more mature picture, it’s like the mosaic of my entrepreneurial being landscape is all coming together.

People are changing everyday & I’m not mad or sad, it’s just that how frustrating this change would be if it was to the bad side, or maybe “bad” is a relative word, I don’t know..
As you grow older you’ll see more dark sides of people, you’ll see injustice & you’ll experience all kinds of torment.
Even through the smallest things, I see evilness in humans,they can kill an insect just because they find it disgusting, they can end anyone’s life just because they can. You are given the power to change to not be used for destruction. I see humans faking humanity wearing masks of smiles to cover their hatred & the jealousy that lies beneath.
I know that I sound dark,dramatic & hopeless but for sure it’s the ugly truth that everyone is trying to hide.

The sun still shines though, there are good and bad people in the world, but being good without doing anything good to offer for humanity leads to increasing the number of bad people among us.